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  • Perfect Blend of Spices!

    Perfect blend of spices, all that is needed is your favorite vodka.  Will be taking it to Florida again this year for our daily Bloody Mary Bar!!

    Kara T
  • Love this product!

    Had my first George’s at the Preakness, Old Bay flavor, and was sold! Have purchased the Mild for a friend, but find the Spicy is my personal favorite. I normally “spice up” every mix that I use, but this is the 1st I’ve had that is perfect on it’s own; though a nice Old Bay rim, with an olive, lime skewer doesn’t take away anything. Love this product and will continue to share the wealth with my friends! Kudos!

    Michael E. - Abingdon, MD
  • Great Product

    Good day, I came across the article in the Washington Post Food Section on the Old Bay Bloody Mary mix. Being from Salisbury Md and a huge Old Bay fan, I had to get a bottle. I was able to find the bottle at Total Wine in Fairfax VA. This is a great mix with a great balance. Thanks for making a great product. Time to go buy more.

    Kevin C.
  • Bloody Mary Fanatic

    My daughter gave me a bottle of the spicy in advance of Father’s Day, knowing I am a Bloody Mary fanatic. I have been drinking Bloody Marys for more than 45 years. Without question this is the best ever! Looking forward to the Margarita mix. Margaritas are my second favorite. Keep up the good work!

    Carl B. - Westminster, MD
  • Amazing Product

    I live in Surfside Beach, SC. We went to a bloody mary contest this past sunday. Over 30 bars participated, from Myrtle Beach, Surfside, Garden City, Murrells Inlet, and Pawleys Island. Just gotta say, You still win. My husband and I have anyone visiting Maryland bring us back 1 or 2 cases any time we know someone going. I am a bartender and have told other bar owners about your amazing product. Christmas day George’s bloody marys were served at our house, and everyone wanted a bottle to take home. (Had only 18 bottles with 40 + people, so the answer was no) I’m writing this to just say , You sir, you have a great product, and we will continue to have it brought to us. (Yes, I can order on internet, but cheaper in stores in Maryland).

    Compliments are always a good way to keep your day enjoyable.

    Vicki W. - Surfside Beach, SC
  • Spectacular

    I picked up a bottle the other day at a local liquor store in Edgemere, MD. The woman at the counter said they had stocked it by request so I went with it and I’m glad I did… it is spectacular. I am very impressed, great job!

  • Best Bloody Mary

    This place was awesome on a Sunday morning. Bloody Mary best ever breakfast was great and good live entertainment. Service was awesome highlight of our trip.

    Michael A. - STEVENSVILLE
  • Best Gift

    A friend gave me a bottle as a gift just coming back from Ocean City. Zing Zang has always been my favorite…not anymore. Ads are correct do not have to doctor it up its all there. Thank you Al…..the best gift!

  • Delicious

    A neighbor brought home George’s from a vaca and it is delicious!! I Love it! Only now I can’t purchase it because it’s not in NJ….sad

  • One of the Best Bloody Mary Mixers

    Found this on a trip down to Baltimore. I had asked the liquor store attendee for the best bloody mary mix available. This is what he gave me George’s original spicy bloody mary mix. I was reluctant to say that I was very impressed with his choice. I had my doubts seeing how dark the color was, but this is one of the best bloody mary mixers ever! So happy I found it. It’s perfect.

    Daniel S.
  • Great Product

    Tried many bloody mary mixes… Zing Zang, too salty, Mr. & Mrs. T’s with horseradish was pretty good. The best so far in taste and spice is (King George!) Thanks for a great product.

  • Absolutely Perfect

    I’ve never had a Bloody Mary mix that I didn’t have to doctor in some way (more heat, lemon or lime, cracked pepper). But right from the bottle George’s is absolutely perfect. It just needs vodka and your favorite stirring device (celery, asparagus, pickle). I’m actually headed to Old Line Wine and Spirits tomorrow to buy out their supply. Send more…

    Paul Easterling

    Had this the first time at OC Maryland Boat Show. Best we ever had!!. Didn’t buy a show, but couldn’t get it off our taste buds, so ordered a couple bottles as soon as we got home. Fantastic!!

    David and Kari
  • Fantastic

    Had this the first time at OC Maryland Boat Show. Best we ever had!!. Didn’t buy a show, but couldn’t get it off our taste buds, so ordered a couple bottles as soon as we got home. Fantastic!!

    David and Kari
  • Rated 4.5 Celery Stalks

    I can be wary of pre-made bottled bloody mary mixes. We all know the downfalls, and I’ve outlined them here many times. But lately, I’ve seen a multitude of revamped, locally sourced, small batch, geographic specific and damn delicious recipes hit the market. Vintage Vine literally blew my mind, offering up the first five celery stalk bloody mary to hit our books. And Demitri’s delivered a wide variety of seasonings and rim salts fit for any discerning bloody mary palate. So when I received a bottle each of George’s bloody mary mix and George’s mild bloody mary mix, I wondered if they would meet this new standard.

    They did.

    To begin, I couldn’t help but crack open the “regular” George’s mix. I like my bloodys spicy, and the fact that they had to make a separate “mild” version told me this was going to be good. And holy, spicy horseradish, it was good. Not having experienced a bottled, horseradish-heavy mix yet, I was very pleased to see the bits and pieces of this spicy addition floating amid the slightly citrusy tomato juice backdrop.

    For a side by side comparison, I next opened the mild bottle. But a curious thing happened. As I poured this deliciously, fragrant red mixture into my glass, my mouth began to uncontrollably water. And with each whiff, my salivary glands exploded with anticipation. (As an aside, and for purely experimental purposes, I just smelled this mix again, and damn, same thing happened!) Like its spicier counterpart, the mild mix also contained little bits of horseradish, though not as dominant and not nearly as spicy. An initial celery salt taste quickly dissipated into a slightly peppery finish. But unlike the “regular” version where horseradish is clearly the star, the mild version’s tomato juice carries the entire cocktail, offering up a lemony, slightly sweet base that perfectly balances the savory pepper and horseradish heat.

    Surprisingly, my personal preference, though only by a hair, was for the mild version, with its more nuanced intricacies, over the “regular” version, with its distinctly brighter, bolder and spicier horseradish focus. Both George’s Bloody Mary Mix and George’s Mild Bloody Mary Mix receive 4.5 Celery Stalks.

    The Drunken Tomato

    We had our 1st experiencs with George’s Bloody Mary Mix at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Race last week and we must say it was the best bloody mary we have had in a long time. It was worth crossing the finish line. Love it!

  • Best Bloody Mary

    We had our 1st experiencs with George’s Bloody Mary Mix at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Race last week and we must say it was the best bloody mary we have had in a long time. It was worth crossing the finish line. Love it!

  • The Bomb

    George’s bloody marys are the bomb!

  • Really Great Flavor

    Finally there is a bloody mary mix that I don’t have to add anything to (except vodka of course)! Really great flavor. Thank you “George.”

  • LOVE IT!

    I picked up a bottle the other day at a local liquor store in Edgemere, MD. The woman at the counter said they had stocked it by request so I went with it and I’m glad I did… it is spectacular. I am very impressed, great job!

  • Bloody Mary Perfection

    Had my first George’s Bloody Mary Saturday at O.C. George’s vision of Bloody Mary perfection has made my life more enjoyable. Thank You my friend!

  • It Is The Best!

    OK….Bloody Mary’s are not just for brunch anymore at our house!! Since we started using Georges mix we are having a great bloody any time!! It is the best!! I am really glad that Minit Market is carrying it and they are so close to my house!!

    Patty Fingles
  • Absolute Perfection

    My name is Thom. I’m the wine guy at Midway Discount Liquors, in Joppa, Md., (, and I just have to tell ya. That is some VGS you are making over there. I’m 63 years old, and have been on the quest for the perfect Bloody Mary since I was old enough to drink. I have finally discovered it inside your bottles, (of which I have consumed and sold many.) I even buy bottles for my favorite customers out of my own pocket, just to turn them on to your miracle concoction. I feel compelled to do so. Congratulations to you for hitting absolute perfection!. With your stuff, nobody has go to the trouble of making their drinks from scratch! Thanks and all the best to you.

    Thom Wysham, Midway Discount Liquors - Joppa, MD
  • Best Ever

    George’s is the best bloody mary ever.

    Salisbury, MD Resident
  • George’s Has It All

    Having tried other bottled mixes, this one really has it all — flavor, consistency, and heat level. I used it for a Sunday brunch bloody mary bar and everyone seemed to enjoy it. With 3 empty bottle I guess it was a hit!

  • Spectacular

    I picked up a bottle the other day at a local liquor store in Edgemere, MD. The woman at the counter said they had stocked it by request so I went with it and I’m glad I did… it is spectacular. I am very impressed, great job!

  • George’s Is Perfect

    I was fortunate to try George’s Bloody Mary Mix. I’m pretty picky with Bloody Mary’s but when done right I absolutely love them. George’s is perfect. It has a sweet heat to it. The first sip will waken your taste buds and each sip gets smoother and smoother. I’m hooked. I will always make sure I have a bottle or 2 of George’s on hand. I no longer have to keep a variety of ingredients on hand and spend time attempting to mix the perfect blend…George’s has done it for me. I can have a Bloody Mary ready in 1,2 3 & Cheers!

  • Best Mix I’ve Ever Tasted

    My name is Darby Groff, the manager at Bubba’s Seafood Restaurant in Virginia Beach. You stopped by our place in the fall while you were visiting a local distributor, and you were so friendly and nice. Greg gave me a bottle to sample (very kind), and I brought it home, not thinking too much about it. I’m not a huge bloody mary fan (like selling them more than drinking them), but my wife is. Popped open that bottle of George’s Mix a couple of days later, made my wife a nice tall one, and she was instantly amazed! Of course she made me try it, and seconds later I was pouring my beer down the drain and making myself a bloody mary with your mix! By far the best mix I’ve ever tasted, and we’ve ordered several bottles now from for our own use. Can’t wait to cook something with it too.

    Darby Groff - Bubba's Seafood Restaurant, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Delicious Product

    My name is Samantha Geremia. My daughter and I were having lunch at Specific Gravity in Salisbury on February 24th, when you offered us a sample of your Bloody Mary drink. The drink was fantastic; my daughter and I both enjoyed it immensely. I liked it so much I purchased 2 bottles (actually from Nick’s in Waldorf) and raved about it to family and friends, here on the Eastern Shore, in Southern Maryland and Virginia. All told, I think we got 15 people ready to make a permanent switch to George’s and that’s just in two weeks! My family also has a time share in Sarasota and twice a year we visit; Bloody Mary’s are a staple poolside and we can’t wait to bring the mix down this year.

    My cousin owns a liquor store in Waldorf and my aunt brought him a bottle to try. The following day he called his distributor for a case to see how it does in his store. I would like to know if we could get some of the pamphlets to go along with mix; the recipes are great ideas and I’m hoping it sells well there as I would love quick and easy access to getting the mix whenever I need : )

    It’s a little silly but I’m so excited that I was able to introduce this great mix to people and have them enjoy it so much! I can only imagine the thrill you, Theda and Alex get knowing that you are distributing such a delicious product!

    Samantha - Eden, MD
  • Fantastic

    As a true Bloody Mary lover, I thought this mix was fantastic! The blend of flavors and seasoning is perfect for a full-bodied drink that maintains its punch to the very end. Add a celery stalk and a few olives to round out the perfect refreshment.

  • Incredible

    As connoisseurs of the best Bloody Mary’s we give his mix two thumbs up! It was incredible! It was really that amazing, all you need to add is vodka, nothing else. Unbelievable. And we are both hard to please in respect to that drink!

    Donna - Santa Monica, CA
  • Wow

    Mama Kathy gave me a sample and now I have a case and passing it out in PA. Hope it gets up here for the rest of the Pennsylvania people. This will always be on my shelf for drinking with and without the Vodka. Did the chili recipe and WOW. Thanks

    Donna Turek
  • Winner

    I have always considered myself a bit of a Bloody Mary snob and made my Bloody Mary mix from scratch. A true labor of love. But a couple of years ago I embarked on a mission to find the best bottled Bloody Mary mix…just for those times when I wasn’t able to make my own mix. It was a long and fairly painful experience. I think I tried them all. Some were downright undrinkable. Some got a passing grade, but were a poor substitute for the real thing. Earlier this year I discovered George’s at Bay Ridge Wine and Spirits in Annapolis. Tried a bottle and (ta-da!) the search is over! We have a winner! George’s has a great balance of sweet and spicy with the perfect horseradish bite. No overwhelming flavors. Love it with Tito’s vodka for a complete “Made in the USA” experience. I recommend it to all my Bloody Mary drinking friends! My daughter-in-law who was visiting from California got hooked at Thanksgiving. She’ll be getting George’s for Christmas!

    Sandi Latham
  • Love George’s

    I’m not much of a Bloody Mary fan, but my family and friends are and they really love George’s. For me, I have decided that George’s should be a kitchen staple (like catsup and mustard). The chili recipe is awesome and so are the quick recipes like the dips and marinade. I’ll be sending George’s again this year to people on my Christmas list.

  • Phenomenal

    George’s bloody mary is phenomenal!

    New York Resident
  • Want To Order More

    We were in Maryland for the weekend and came upon one of your demo’s in a liquor store. We bought 2 bottles, and now we need MORE! We live in NJ, though, so how can we order?

  • Great Experience

    My friend and I had our first George’s Bloody Mary on Saturday at Berlin, MD. What an experience. Stopped at a wine and spirits store the next day and bought 4 bottles. Thanks Greg!!! We will definitely be sharing with all of our friends. Expect your sales to!!!

  • Absolutely Love George’s!

    My entire family absolutely loved George’s Mix and will never use anything else ever again! Wishing an even brighter future for George’s in the years to come!

  • Best Bloody Mary Mix

    These guys have worked real hard and it paid off!!  The best bloody mary mix of all time!!!! I have everybody I know trying it 🙂

  • Proud to Serve

    We are proud to serve George’s Bloody Mary Mix at Sunset Grille. Comparing this to other mixes we have used in the past, there is nothing that beats the bold, fresh taste that George’s offers. Customers and staff have all raved about this mix!

    Darren, Sunset Grille, Ocean City, MD
  • Well Rounded

    George’s bloody Mary Mix is a well rounded bloody Mary with an awesome horseradish bite. This multipurpose bloody Mary is great in your favorite dips, on wings and in chili, as well as by itself in a glass. No wonder it is flying off the shelf!

    Christina, Peppers, Rehoboth Beach, DE
  • Perfect Cocktail

    George’s is everything a bloody mary should be…bold, smooth and fresh. It perfectly blends the natural sweetness of ripe tomatoes with the bold kick of its savory spices. With other mixes, we have had to add more horseradish, more hot sauce, more flavor. With George’s, all you have to add is your favorite vodka and you have a perfect cocktail.

    Thanks for a great season!

    G, Hoopers Crab House, Ocean City, MD
  • Awesome Recipe

    Used the Mix in my sausage and peppers recipe, awesome!!!!!!! Highly recommend this mix for using in your favorite recipe.

  • Tastiest Bloody Mary

    Honestly, I have tried everything out there. This product is hands down the tastiest bloody mary, full bodied, so flavorful, just the perfect amount of spice. Looking forward to tailgating with ” George” with football right around the corner!

    Richard T.
  • The Best

    Absolutely the best…HOT and SPICY…just like Big G!

  • Love It!

    My wife and I are part time locals to Berlin. We discovered George’s Bloody Mary mix at the Globe on one of our recent visits. We just wanted to let you know that we love it! The spices give the mix the perfect kick. We will be trying the mix in some of your recipes soon. We can’t wait until George’s comes to Frederick so that it will be easier to get our fix of George’s whenever we need it! We highly recommend George’s to ALL!

    Sue and Jerry - Frederick, MD
  • Delicious!

    Hi Greg,

    I am the woman at the Globe on Saturday night who was asking you if you were selling your Bloody Mary mix in Salisbury yet because I want to make it with my Tito vodka. Here is my contact information. I’d love to hear about the Made in America party with Tito and your mix.

    I don’t drink Bloody Mary’s in the evening because I think of them as brunch drinks, but I just had to try one on Saturday after reading about them in the Daily Times. It didn’t disappoint! Not too thick, and enough spices to give it a good kick. Delicious!

  • Hooked on George’s

    I was up in the mountains a day or so ago. I was going to do some fly fishing, but it seems the weather didn’t want me to. I have never seen it rain so hard and so much. So I did what any great fly fishing person would do. I went to the liquor store to buy some refreshments! I wanted something different and spend several minutes looking around. I came across George’s Mix and thought about it. I have not had a Bloody Mary in years and from what I remembered I didn’t really care much for them. My partner urged me to try them again. So I bought the George’s Mix and I have to say that I am hooked. My partner also had some and said it was the best she had ever had. I am now hooked on George’s Mix. I can’t wait for the weekend to come around because it’s going to be a Bloody Mary weekend!!! Thanks to George’s!!

    Daniel O. - Centreville, MD


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