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George’s® Mixes Announces: FRANK’S Original RedHot® Bloody Mary Mix

frank's bloody mary mix bottle on beach Posted on October 15th, 2020

Exclusively by George’s® Mixes and McCormick® Spice Company

Berlin, MD: George’s® Mixes announces FRANK’S Original RedHot® Bloody Mary Mix, a new bloody mary mix brought to you exclusively by George’s® Mixes and McCormick Spice Company. FRANK’S Original RedHot® Bloody Mary Mix is the perfect balance of “zip and tang” from FRANK’S Original RedHot® sauce, made into a well balanced, traditional bloody mary mix. FRANK’S Original RedHot® Bloody Mary Mix offers a new way for hot sauce lovers and bloody mary advocates alike to enjoy all day long! 

“Frank’s is the number one selling hot sauce in the U.S. for a reason,” says Greg David, Owner of George’s® Mixes. “We’ve taken that great taste from Frank’s, and built a delicious bloody mary around it, with all of the traditional seasonings and spices, offering depth and balance!” 

A true balance of flavor, while bold, FRANK’S Original RedHot® Bloody Mary Mix is quickly balanced out by all of the other delicious flavors! All of George’s® Mixes drink mixes are made with premium and quality ingredients, so you know that you’re getting a high-quality bloody mary mix with George’s®. 

FRANK’S Original RedHot® Bloody Mary Mix will be available mid-October, priced at $6.99. More information on FRANK’S Original RedHot® Bloody Mary Mix will become available closer to the release date, at

About George’s® Mixes: George’s® Mixes is the microbrew of bloody marys. Founded by Greg David, Theda Bakis, and Alex Esham, with one goal in mind: to bring customers a quality product, built on strong values, and unparalleled customer service. George’s® Mixes is now sold and served across the U.S., boasting a full line of bloody mary mixes: Spicy, mild, the first-ever Old Bay® bloody mary, and Zatarain’s Cajun® bloody Mary. George’s® Mixes also produces a low-calorie lime margarita mix, which is a perfect blend of lime, citrus, and organic agave nectar flavors. Made with real natural ingredients. George’s is the finished product, with no additions needed, but your favorite spirit!



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